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We can give all automobile components, if you offer designs we can assist you mass generate!

OEM F2G34K145CC 371005712  371005713 15186002
370001AA1A 37105712  37105713 49100-3E951
37000CA00A 1644103202 1644101502 DG9Z4R602A
37000CB00A 27111AE112   27111AE110 15109400
AL3Z 4R602-KB 27111AG05A 52123631AC
7A2Z-4R602-K 27111AE061 370004BA0A
8A8Z4R602B 27031AC070 22889825
37100-34051 220-410-seventy one-06 1515717
27100-80J03 203-410-61-06 26571466
371005712 210-410-43-16  215713716 5215718AA
27031FC001 371057140 371003D220 F75A4602GA
371103D070 27111FJ071  27111FJ070 2571694
27031FC030 27111FJ061  27111FJ060 5146803AA
3714060480 5038552AA/ 5038552AB 15182094
371103D060 TVB500390/LR57171 27111AG14A
371005711 164410 0571 1644100501 27111SA030
3710034130 19328628 2615713482 (2615717376)
3710034120 3711060A40 5713857AD
371003D250 BC3Z4A376A 4G57101G
3711 0571 80 95B521101A 4H4524101D
MF0625100A 22819507 2615711207 (2615711310)
84009480 27111AG16A 27111AG12A LR57194  LR049820
27111-XA00A 52123571AE MR580389
MR580390 25843685, 68196523AA
8L3Z-4R602-C XL2Z4A376AA 370003JA2B
164415712 XL2Z4A376BB/BA 05038553AD
8L3Z-4R602-G 9062073 49300A1000
8L3Z4R602E 23121561 5C3Z-4A376-F
8L3Z4R602F 5146802AA SUSH14-C
7L3Z4R602J 37200-1CA1A SUSH18-C
3710 0571 71 37200-ZZ70A 2214157116/2214108406
TVB100610 2571697 15814472
25752724 371103D300 371103D510
52105860AC 2514100000 371100C040

OEM sixty five-9150 5C2Z 4602-G 5215711AE
sixty five-9707 2615714736 45710TX4A02,45710TX4A03
2044106701 68272524AA 20969570
sixty five-9375 493001U000 22845694
65-9443 3710048040 15182095
65-9663 371100C030 25833035
sixty five-9447 491003E450 22845693
P77072354 371106A650 22845691
EJ7Z4R602D 3711035A90 22845689
3714004040 27111SA050 25787946
3714004050 52123639AA 12479001
45710T1WA02 15036982 94769075
45710TLAA02 2615717333 2571596
31367625 52853319AC 23147490
65-9667 371003D230 3710048571
sixty five-9766 8R3Z4602B E5TZ4A376C
65-9101 sixty five-6006 25833034
sixty five-9109 M5715100A 65-9781
65-9197 52123467AD 65-9765
sixty five-9329 3710048571 sixty five-9315
65-9661 52123111AC 65-9316
45710-T7X-013 3710033030 52853642AD  52853642AC 52853642AB
MR580388 52123553AA 45710SJCA12 45710SJCA11 45710SJCA03
A2044107001 5215714AF 163-410-02-01-39         163-410-02-01
65-4008 37300ZV20B 45710TX4A571/ 45710-TX4-A02/45710-TX4-A01
65-9541 84139111 52853317AC/52853317AD/52123551AA/52123909AA
sixty five-9551 15114531 15188059 4593546AB,  4593546AC,  4593546AD,  4593546AE
52105860AB F0TA4602ZA 4593866AA,  4593866AB  4593866AC
52853363AB 5499918 4L3Z4602LA, 4L3Z4602LB, 4L3Z4602LC, 5L3Z4602LA
sixty five-9110 957122 493002W100  493004Z200  493004Z250
sixty five-9325 8RD521101F/M/L sixty five-9776
2615714740 MF0425100A 65-9773
26103457134 sixty five-9449  

Automobile Design Nissan Murano 2007- 2014
Nissan Murano 2003, 2004
Nissan Murano 2005- 2007
Subaru Tribeca 3.0L 2006-2007  Subaru Tribeca 3.6L 2008-2014
Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2007, 2008, 2009, 2571
Ford Flex 2009-2012       Lincoln MKT 2009-2012
Dodge Ram2500/3500 2000-2002
Toyota Tacoma RWD sixty.3 mattress length 2011-15
Tacoma 4wd 2011-15
Tacoma RWD 73.5 mattress length  2005-14
4Runner 3.4L RWD  1996-02
Tacoma 4WD  2011-fifteen
GX460/GX470/4Runner  2003-fourteen
4Runner 2.7L RWD 1996-00
Tacoma RWD   2005-10
Tundra 4-doorway Crew Taxi 4.7L V8  2005-06
Tundra Std. & Ext. Taxi 4.7L V8  2005-06
Tacoma Extended Cab RWD 2.4L AT Rear shaft  1995-04
Tacoma Std. Taxi RWD L4 2.7L, Pre-Runner sub model  1999-04
Tacoma Ext. Taxi 4wd V6 3.4L M.T, Intermediate & Rear Assembly  1995-04
Dodge CZPT s Ram 2500 Pickup 2002-2000 5.9L
Dodge CZPT s Ram 1500 Pickup 1998-1994 Dodge CZPT s Ram 2500 Pickup 1998-1996
Ford F-150 4.6L 2004–2008
Subaru Outback 3.0L  2006–2009
F150, Lobo (MX) RWD 4.2L & 4.6L V6 AT w/ a hundred forty five wheelbase – 8.8 axle, ten bolt differential protect
F150, Lobo (MX) RWD 4.6L & 5.4L V8 w/ one hundred forty five wheelbase – 9.75 axle, 12 bolt differential protect
F150 4wd 4.6L & 5.4L V8 w/ 163 wheelbase
Kia Sorento 2006, 2007, 2008
Toyota Tundra 2000-2005 8 Cyl 4.7L


Firm Profile

HangZhou HangZhou CZPT Components Co., Ltd. was recognized in 1999, situated in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug, with lovely surroundings and handy transportation! The company was previously identified as HangZhoung, HangZhou, and formally altered its identify to HangZhou. The organization covers the complete auto parts with cooling method, steering chassis program, suspension system, braking method, ignition system, CZPT eners,and so on. In-depth cooperation with several large domestic factories, CZPT merchandise are exported to home and overseas!  Regardless of whether you decide on the present merchandise from the catalog or CZPT ize it for you, we can meet up with your demands! We have a pursuit of excellence in product high quality!

Twenty years of business refining, we have realized also significantly. We abide by the integrity of enterprise, serve with heart, often just take CZPT er gratification as the axis, believe, get motion, generate actual benefit for CZPT ers, exchange coronary heart with CZPT ers, go hand in hand Acquire-get situation!
Our philosophy and function are: dependent on integrity, honest support, the pursuit of excellence, return to society, think and realize, comprehend and act, and go substantial.

Our Advantages

We can give all car equipment, if you provide designs we can help you mass make!


Q1. How several many years does your company trade in auto elements?
A: We have been established for Far more than 20 a long time.
Q2. The place is your business?
A: We are situated in ZHangZhoug
Q3. What is the shipping day?
A: If it will take 5~7 times for stock, it will get 20-40 times if there is no inventory.
This autumn. What is a package deal?
A: Neutral packaging or CZPT er packaging.
Q5. What is the payment strategy?
A: Our payment method: T / T
Q6. What is the payment conditions?
A: Our payment terms: After full payment
Q7. How is the top quality?
A: Rigorous control just before cargo.
Q8. What is a guarantor?
A: twelve months.
Q9. Can you assist with the supply of the products?
A: Indeed. We can help provide goods by means of CZPT CZPT er freight forwarders or CZPT freight forwarders.
Q10. Can you give samples for cost-free?
A: It depends on the value of the sample, but we do not shell out the transport price.
Q11. Which port does CZPT organization offer?
A: Generally in HangZhou Port. The port specified by the CZPT er is acceptable.

We can give all vehicle add-ons, if you offer versions we can assist you mass produce!


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