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Item Description

Our firm primarily makes CZPT rigid axles, pushed axles, steering generate axles, steering by means of drive axles and via axles for wheeled cars. They are broadly utilized in CZPT machinery and specific vehicles this sort of as vehicle cranes, all-highway motor vehicle cranes, loaders, rollers, mining dump vans, port cranes, forklifts, underground scrapers, plane tractors, and so on.

Introduction of downhole operation drive axle:

1.Adopt modular optimization design, reasonable product structure, long service life,simple maintenance.
2.Adopt multiple wet brakes to improve braking safety and reliability.
three.The optional range of friction sheets is large: 2-4 pieces, and the braking ability range is wide.

Optimize and match the transmission system to enhance product reliability:

Transmission speed ratio distribution: total speed ratio: 26.11 main reduction: 5.286 wheel rim: 4.94.

Characteristic Gain
SPIRAL BEVEL Equipment PAIR Suitable FOR Various HOST
Broad Pace RATIO Assortment Meet THE Different Specifications OF Customers
Different Sorts OF DIFFERENTIAL Satisfy THE Needs OF Different HOSTS
WELDING AXLE SHELL Distinct Advantage IN Excess weight AND RIGID

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